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Why Not Dream, Inc. is a non-profit collaboration focused on providing support, access, and opportunity for people with a dream.  Too often dreams only come true for people with an abundance of resources and access to opportunity, and those without such privileges, more often than not, suppress their ambitions and settle for life's back-up plan.  However, in the words of Founder Cassandra A. Henderson, "it's never too late too dream."


At its core is the fundamental belief that everyone's dreams have the potential to become reality, and everyone's dreams deserve the opportunity to become a reality. No one's dreams are more valuable than anyone else's.

The organization focuses primarily on developing dreams in the area of visual and performing arts through strategic partnership with organizations and individuals in order to connect those who have dreams with mentors, companies, institutions and opportunities to help facilitate the actualization of their dreams no matter the field.  


Founder & CEO

Founded in 2003, Incorporated in 2008 (GA), 2010 (CA)


The "Dream Exchange" is a 12-24 month intensive direct mentorship program whereby  participants and mentors meet as a large group once quarterly but are expected to work together meeting at least twice each month.  At the end of program, participants and mentors attend a weekend closing retreat where each pair present their work together, highlight accomplishments, and present any future goals and plans. Upon successful completion, each participant receives a "Dream Maker Award" which can be anything from monetary to in-kind support for the participant's future plans.


Why Not Dream, Inc. provides a myriad of ongoing personal development opportunities that are open to participants in the mentorship program and to the general public including classes, workshops, camps, and conferences.


The Dream Institute for the Visual & Performing Arts is still a growing dream yet to be made reality.  The hope is to charter an all-aged faith-based school for the arts founded on Christian principles for grades k-12 located in the heart of Atlanta's West End Community.  The school will provide a liberal arts curriculum for students specializing in visual and performing arts on a campus studio lot allowing for access to the highest quality facilities, equipment, and industry professionals as well as industry projects.  In addition to striving for arts excellence, the core curriculum will challenge students to better prepare them for secondary and post-secondary education.

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